Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Clean That Drain! Easy way to clear up a clogged drain!

Got hot nasty drains... that wont drain... I have an easy solution.  
Heres What You Need:
Half cup baking soda
Half cup of vinegar 
A funnel... Or you can make one out of paper..
A tub stopper or drain stopper plug

Heres What You Do:
If you can see there is a built up of hair or something in the shower... Then at least clear that out. If you are doing this in the kitchen then hopefully there is not a build up of hair...
Next, put baking soda down into drain via the funnel...
Then, put the vinegar down the drain.. PAY ATTENTION.. Its gonna bubble like a volcano fast so, youll need to put a plug on it as soon as all the vinegar is down..
Give it a couple minutes plugged up to let it do its magic... 
Then unplug the drain and wash it out with Hot water for about a minute..
This should clear it up for a while...if it didn’t work then you may have some serious issues that need professional work.. 

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