Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Have You Jailbroke Your iPhone Lately?

After a couple years of having an iphone I finally got the courage to jailbreak it.  I was always scared that it would turn into a vegetable (get it? because it is an apple, which is a fruit to most experts) but after reading for a couple years of all the benefits and freedoms that come with it, I decided to try it.  Now, I LOVE IT! I don't know if I could ever go back. I feel like I have control over my phone much like I do over my computer. I can literally do anything I want to it.  My review after being free for over a month is all positive. I thought one day it had crashed but it was just updating my software and came back to normal working order. I swear my phone runs smoother now. The things that I really have latched onto is the texting applications.  No more having to switch to texting, it just pops up, and I send my text back and go on with my life.  No more boring backgrounds or security issues.  I can even use the phone for a wifi hotspot for free with the right third party app. Did I mention if you ever get sick of it or don't like the way your phone functions you can just restore it to your last back up via iTunes.  
Its so easy, so simple, legal, and free!
You'll Love It, You'll Love It!
To get started all you have to do is go to
You can download the software right onto your phone, you don't even have to plug it into a computer.

Go to this site via iphone ( and instal Cydia, then from there, Cydia becomes your new app store.  It is set up much like Apples App store.  You can go through categories, install new things, uninstall things you don't like etc...
A few things I recommend is downloading a new theme for your phone, which changes the layout and look... Here is mine, clean simple

Another must have, is the texting app I was talking about, it is called QuickReply SMS, when I get a text all I do is click on it and then I can text right back, check it out
Finally I love the ability to customize the lock screen, here is mine, new font, lockbar gone.. (if you have private things on your phone theres an app for that too, you can put a lock on folders, pictures, text, and documents, its called iDJB).... and obviously a big pickachu as the background.  

So give it a try if you care about this kind of stuff:)

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